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Triple A Locating Services LLC is dedicated to delivering professional, accurate, detailed Locates to each of our clients.

Underground Locating

Starting a new project can be difficult. Before the contractors can begin, all water lines, pipes, and electrical lines underground must be properly identified. Hitting a water main or breaking a telecommunication line can cause major problems. If you are starting a new construction project or simply need repairs, call out one of our professional underground locating contractors.

While water lines, waste pipes, fiber optics cables, or other underground utilities are not typically too far under the surface, you will still want to treat every project with care. Making one slight miscalculation can cause a huge delay and end up draining money from your budget to fix the mistake. Give our professionals a call so we can guarantee that you don't damage any underground utilities.

We offer 24 hour service, available at a moments notice. We take the time to thoroughly inspect, locate and map out all private utilities. We also do comparative pricing on specific jobs such as personal residences. In terms of customers service, our clients speak directly to the locator and get exact details concerning all markings. If you are interested in our locating services, call Triple A Locating Services LLC in Odenton, MD to learn more about our utility locating.

Our Services:

➨ Private and Public Utility Locating

➨ Built Mapping, Site Layout and Utility Planning.

➨ Leak Detection

➨ Ground Penetrating Radar Services

➨ Drainage Leak

Utility Locating


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